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【day6】recreational games night——游戲之夜,縱情狂歡!
作者:校辦  日期/時間:2019/7/15 19:15:00  閱讀數:124  發表評論  查看評論

清涼一夏,縱情狂歡!在這個特別的夜晚,recreational games night游戲之夜在孩子們的熱烈期盼中如期而至!


1 student is the sly fox and stands at one end of the play area with their back turned to the rest of the students. to start the game, line the students up at the opposite end of the play area. the children will slowly sneak towards the fox to tag him/her but the fox will randomly turn around. when the fox turns around the other students need to freeze in position until the fox turns back around. if the fox sees a student moving then that student needs to go back to the start. the first student to tag the fox becomes the next fox.

try to limit the time the fox can look at the students for, maybe max 5 seconds a turn.


1 student is the eagle and another is the mother hen, the rest of the children are the chicks. to start the game the chicks stand in a line behind the mother hen and the mother hen between the eagle and the chicks. the 1st chick behind the mother hen will hold onto the mother hen’s jacket or waist, the 2nd chick holds onto the 1st and so on. the eagle can run anywhere to catch a chick, and the mother hen tries to protect them. the eagle can‘t touch the mother hen and the mother hen can’t touch the eagle. the hens don’t need to stay in line, they can leave the line and tease the eagle if they want. if the eagle catches a chick then the game is over.


depending on the number of students, choose a tagger, or a few taggers (make sure they students are marked clearly-bibs or different coloured t-shirts), the rest of the children are runners. to start the game, have the taggers and the runners at opposite ends of the play area and blow a whistle to start. when the running commences, the taggers need to tag the runners, of a runner has been tagged then they are ‘stuck in the mud’ and need to stand still with the arms and legs spread.

once all runners have been tagged, the game is over. 

the runners and save the students ‘stuck in the mud by either running under their arms or crawling between their legs. the teacher and choose which way is best depending on the students.


to start the game, select 1 or 2 students to be the bulldogs and have them stand in the middle of the play area. when the teach says ‘go’ the students need to run from one side to the other, if the bulldog catches them then they also become a bulldog. the bulldogs can hold hands to create a barrier if they like. wait for the students to get to the other side and shout ‘go’ to let them run back. continue like this until there’s only 1 student left, that student is the winner.


to start the game, choose a student to be the wolf and have him/her stand at one end of the play area with their back turned to the other students. have the rest of the students stand at the opposite end of the play area and let them ask the wolf ‘what time is it mr. wolf?’. to reply, the wolf needs to reply with a time. here the wolf has creative freedom and can reply with any time. when the wolf chooses he/she can randomly shout ‘it’s dinner time’ and only then can the wolf turn around and chase the students. when the wolf shouts ‘it’s dinner time’, the other students need to run back to the start area where they’ll be safe.

when the wolf catches a student the game is over.


to start the game have the students sit in a circle and have 1 student as ‘it’. whomever is ‘it’ needs to walk around the circle tapping each student on the shoulder and repeating the word ‘duck’. when the student who is ‘it’ says ‘goose’ the student sitting down needs to stand up and chase ‘it’. if the student catches ‘it’ then they can sit down again, otherwise ‘it’ can sit down when he gets to the open space.



to start the game, separate the class into 2 different groups; cops and robbers. if there are an odd number of children then let the robbers have the extra player. 

designate an area to be the jail, this could be a tree or a square drawn on the floor.

put all cops in jail and let them count to 15. when they get to 15 they can chase after the robbers. to catch a robber, the cop just needs to tag them and take them back to jail (make sure they aren’t dragging kids by their shirts and robber must walk back with them, they can’t fight the cop).

once all the robbers have been put in jail the game is over.

robbers can free the jailed robber by tagging them, however 1 robber can’t tag more than 1 at a time. you could pair robbers together or put them into small groups so they can only free a robber from their group.


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